A Peculiar and Perpetual Tendency

Choosing and Refusing

Virtue Epistemology and Abilism on Knowledge

Epistemic Contextualism

Knowledge Attributions and Behavioral Predictions

In the Thick of Moral Motivation

The Distinctive "Should" of Assertability

Sustaining Rules

Knowledge Central

Completing the Pragmatic Turn in Epistemology

Selfless Assertions

Factive Norms of Belief and Decision

The Problem of ESEE Knowledge

Belief Through Thick and Thin

Knowledge and Assertion: A Simple Test

When Words Speak Louder than Actions

You Gotta Believe

The Folk Epistemology of Lotteries

Does the Paradox of Fiction Exist?

Irksome Assertions

In Gettier’s Wake

Is Knowledge Justified True Belief?

Stumbling in Nozick’s Tracks

Reasons, Answers, and Goals

Manifest Failure

Believing For a Reason

Does Perceiving Entail Knowing?

Refutation By Elimination