Experimental Epistemology and "Gettier" Cases

Revisiting Norms

Moderate Scientism in Philosophy

Personal Identity and Persisting as Many

Virtue Epistemology and Abilism on Knowledge

The Non-factive Turn

The Core Primate Knowledge Concept

Compatibilism Can Be Natural

Epistemic Contextualism

The Point of Assertion is to Transmit Knowledge

Gettier Cases: A Taxonomy

The Distinctive "Should" of Assertability

Experimental Work on the Norms of Assertion

Knowledge Attributions in Iterated Fake Barn Cases

Completing the Pragmatic Turn in Epistemology

Knowledge Judgments in “Gettier” Cases

Perceived Weaknesses of Philosophical Inquiry

The Radicalism of Truth-Insensitive Epistemology

Perceptions of Philosophical Inquiry

How to Do Better

Knowledge and Assertion in “Gettier” Cases

Intuition Fail

Selfless Assertions

Assertion and Assurance

The Problem of ESEE Knowledge

Factive Verbs and Protagonist Projection