A Peculiar and Perpetual Tendency

Knowledge and Justification

Knowledge Attribution and Lotteries

Knowledge, Adequacy, and Approximate Truth

Knowledge and Truth

Experimental Epistemology and "Gettier" Cases

Knowledge and Assertion in Korean

The Non-factive Turn

The Core Primate Knowledge Concept

Epistemic Modals and Alternative Possibilities

Virtue Epistemology and Abilism on Knowledge

Revisiting Norms

Epistemic Contextualism

Knowledge Attributions and Behavioral Predictions

Actionability Judgments Cause Knowledge Judgments

The Point of Assertion is to Transmit Knowledge

Knowledge from Falsehood

Gettier Cases: A Taxonomy

Sustaining Rules

Completing the Pragmatic Turn in Epistemology

Experimental Work on the Norms of Assertion

Knowledge Central

Knowledge Attributions in Iterated Fake Barn Cases

Epistemic Situationism and Cognitive Ability

A New Paradigm for Epistemology

The Radicalism of Truth-Insensitive Epistemology

Knowledge, Certainty, and Assertion

Knowledge Judgments in “Gettier” Cases

Knowledge and Assertion in “Gettier” Cases

Vision, Knowledge and Assertion

Factive Norms of Belief and Decision

Understanding and Explanation

Knowledge and Assertion: A Simple Test

An Open and Shut Case

Knowledge and Luck

Skeptical Appeal

Assertion and Assurance

Unreliable Knowledge

Belief Through Thick and Thin

Selfless Assertions

From Virtue Epistemology to Abilism

Knowledge, Stakes, and Mistakes

Is Probabilistic Evidence a Source of Knowledge?

The Problem of ESEE Knowledge

Telling, Showing and Knowing

You Gotta Believe

Linguistic Intuitions in Context

Suberogatory Assertion

Fake-Barn Thought Experiments

The Folk Epistemology of Lotteries

Factive Verbs and Protagonist Projection

Iffy Predictions

Irksome Assertions

Infinitism, Finitude, and Normativity

Gettier Made ESEE

A Conspicuous Art

Bi-level Virtue Epistemology

Knowledge Guaranteed

The Test of Truth

In Gettier’s Wake

Stumbling in Nozick’s Tracks

Preempting Paradox

Is Knowledge Justified True Belief?

Pyrrhonian Skepticism Meets Speech-Act Theory

Mythology of the Factive

The Express Knowledge Account of Assertion

Promises to Keep

Contingent A Priori Knowledge

Manifest Failure

Epistemic Invariantism and Speech Act Contextualism

Foundationalism for Modest Infinitists

Does Perceiving Entail Knowing?

Prompting Challenges

The Relationship Between Two Kinds of Justification

Knowledge as Achievement, More or Less